Rules & Guidelines

1 - All participants must maintain a polite and professional manner
when interacting with other participants.

2 - All websites linked from the Web Wars website must contain only appropriate text
and images that are G-rated. This includes anything that is written about video games, movies,
 songs, etc. Websites that participate in Web Wars must be careful about links that are contained on
 their site.  If inappropriate material is found, the participant will be asked to remove the link before being allowed to  participate in Web Wars.

3 - All websites must include either a text or image link back to
You can either make your own or save one from the Freebie Lab. It must be saved to your
 computer and uploaded to your website. 

4 - Each week, there will be an activity on each team's webpage. Team members will need to complete the activity
and show proof of the activity (with an explanation) on their website. The activity will be graded by the leaders of
Web Wars with a maximum of 100%

5 - Each side will be given a score for the week with 50% based on total number of votes and 50% based on the
score from their weekly activity.

A+=100 points, A=90 points, B=80 points, C=70 points, D=60 points, F=50 points

      6 - Teams will progress weekly through the bottom 3 rings.  The semi-finalist and finalist ring will last for 2 weeks with more difficult activities.







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All Rights Reserved.

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